Friday, 7 February 2014

Draft Article

Georgia Taylor is 17 years of age; she has written and recorded her own single with inspiration from chart music. She posted her song onto YouTube of her in her bedroom and shared her link on twitter, her song then went viral! Everybody was listening to this song which is how various record companies wanted to get involved because she was known as the 'Upcoming artist'. Companies including Columbia, Roc Nation and RCA have been in contact with Georgia.
Her New Single is called ‘Play’ Vanessa had an interview set up with Georgia last week, Georgia said that "the best way to express feelings is through singing" which is why she had written the song. Vanessa Gets all the juicy gossip from Georgia, and gets an insight of what we can expect in the future from her.
Vanessa asked Georgia various questions;
Hello Georgia, I’m so glad to finally meet you! I’m so proud to be the first person to interview you. How’s the celebrity life working out for you?
“I wouldn't class myself as a celebrity, not quite yet anyway!”
Have you always wanted to get into the music industry?
“since I was a kid, you should see the videos my mum has of me on the kitchen table singing and dancing, its cringe worthy.”
Why did you decide to write your own song?
“I just wrote my feelings down on paper, I thought many other girls my age could relate to the words I was thinking”
What’s your new single all about?
“Life as a teenager, all the struggles, all the pressure from everybody, it also includes my great nights out with my wonderful friends!”
What record label have you gone with? I heard a few got in contact with you.
“I choose to go with Sony because big artists like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears have been signed by Sony and they are a big inspiration”
Who’s your biggest idol?
“Cher Lloyd has been a massive inspiration for me because she’s a young artist that’s made it in the big music world”
Is this single going to change your teenage life?
“I don’t want It to massively I’d never leave my friends and family behind, they’ve been with me every step of the way.”
What do your family think to your new song?
“haha, they know what I’m like, they think the song sums me up to a T”
How did you decide on the beat and tune to your song?
“ well I have a mac laptop with various dj software on there so I had a play around with different tempos and beats, I also did hours of research listening to music working out the best way to make the actually tune”
So you made it completely from scratch by yourself?
“Yes, and I am going to continue to have an input into my music. I don’t want to be an artist that has the song made and written for them, the singing isn’t the only part I enjoy. It’s the whole process of making the song.”
Are you going to record a video for the song?
We've been brainstorming ideas this week; it’s got to be perfect!”
Any ideas we could know about?
I've been thing something with all my friends included, maybe dancing in the background”
If your single hadn't of taken off what would you be doing?
“I’d be doing my college work, which I’m getting along with anyway! I will always find time to do my studies”
What can we expect from you?
“My new video will be out next month, and I’m currently writing a few more songs, a few artists also wanting to do singles with me”
May I be cheeky and ask who?
“Let’s just say I’ve got a few meetings planned for the end of this month”
Who would be your top 3 people to do collaboration with?
“Rihanna, Cher Lloyd and, I think there all so amazing, it would be such an honor to work with either of them.”
Do you see yourself making your own fragrance one day?
“What like every other music artist, no thank you! me and my team will think of something more original”
It’s been great to meet you Georgia, I we’ll have to meet up for another interview when your new careers progressed, I’m sure we’ll have even more to talk about next time.

“I’d love to Vanessa; it’s been a pleasure to meet you too and yes I’m sure there will be you never know what the future holds”

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