Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Evaluation Task 2; How does your media product represent particular social groups?

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The social group I picked was mainstream which is made up of a variety of subcultures including blingers, chavs, fan girls and townies. The majority of the group will be girls, boys are a minority in the group, they are all from the ages of about 16 to 21.

This is the image that I decided to use for my front cover, I think that it represents the social group that i choose because she's not being serious in the photo shes having fun and being cheeky winking which is how the social group would act.
 These subcultures are all the younger generation they would be in their teenage years, which is why the image represents this particular social group because the model is in her teens. 
There are various artists that sing my genre music that match this particular social group, they play up to the image. These examples below show various artists that pose and act like my model has, having fun and being cheeky reflecting my chosen music genre and social group.  

This image of Rita Ora represents the social group that I have chosen as my photo of my model does.
Both images are not at all serious, they are both messing around looking happy young girls. Which represents my mainstream social group because that type of group is made up of happy teenagers. Both my model and Rita have curly high volume hair. 
A big difference in these two image is the costume, my model is in a very simple black outfit with a bright red lipstick that stands out, whereas Rita Ora has a blue denim theme going on in her outfit as well as the backdrop in her shoot being a blue colour. The outfits they both are wearing are very different in colour but no so different in style as they both have collared jackets on. On other photo I took of my artist she was also holding her collar as Rita Ora is but with my colour theme of my magazine and the layout the image didn't work as well as i expect which is why I chose this image rather than any other.
The theme colour that I decided to use was turquoise with black and grey text, the turquoise is a bright colour which again could connote this happy music genre. 

The article that was featured in my magazine represents my audience because its informal language due to it being an unstructured interview. This is the language my audience would use when with their mates listening to my chosen genre of music. 

I think I have represented my audience in a highly stereotypical way which is neither positive or negative. It's just how the majority of the social group are.

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    bEGIN WITH STATING WHO THE SOCIAL GROUPS ARE IN YOUR MAG E.G. GENDER, AGE. Then you can bring in Mainstreamers. You have outlined how you've represented them through styling; mention how your article represents them too. Also consider the extent to which you think you've represented them positively/negatively and stereotypically. (Sorry for the caps!!!)