Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Evaluation Task 3; What kind of media institution might distribute yourmedia product and why?

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
I originally chose VICE as an institution that could distribute my magazine but this institution didn't look like it had done much work with many magazines that fit my music genre or my target audience. I-D was the only relevant magazine but even so it didn't include any music artists that related to mine so the insititution didn't match the magazine I created whereas IPC is alot more relevant and reflects my magazine from many aspects which is why I chose to go ahead and research this institution.
IPC is a British publishing company who publish 3 magazine divisions that focus on a core audience; mass market for women, upmarket women and the market for men. The Company won an award for 'Best production team of the year' at the professional publishers association production and environment awards 2012.
IPC media is the institution I think would distribute my magazine because the magazines they produce are mainly aimed at women, and alot of the artists involved in my genre of music choice are women. 
Also alot of the magazines they publish are womens gossip magazines and the article I created included a interview which is the type of articles that would be included in the womens magazines. Girls look at the artists in my genre and look up to them as icons, which is why I decided to use a female model to attract young girls, but also through the male gaze the model i choose also attracts the boys. So I think that IPC would work well with the magazine I created. Additionally my magazine would be produced monthly, IPC would be highly capable of distributing my magazine and would also help it to expand and develop I know this because other magazines distributed by this institution have been publish across over 30 different countries in various languages.
My music genre is chart music which is mainly pop/dance music, as there isn't many magazines fitting this genre around there is a niche in the market for my magazine, because the genre is popular the magazine is likely to be popular because my target audience will want to buy the magazine because there are not many others of the sort so it will stand out to my audience.
My magazine would most likely be funded by a loan from the bank because its a small operation, I could also have investors or shareholders if I wanted my magazine to be a larger publication.
I think IPC will work well distributing my magazine because my music genre is pop/dance which is chart music which is very popular with various audience types which is why my target audience is mainstream. As IPC works with various magazines so they have experiences distributing the magazines to different audiences and have clearly done well as they distribute over 60 media brands.

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  1. A decent answer Emily. Just add something from IPC's website which sums up their message/belief e.g. a mission statement.