Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Evaluation Task 4; Who would be the audience for your media product?

Who would be the audience of your media product?
The audience I have chosen to aim my magazine at is teenagers in particular the mainstream group, this includes subcultures like; blingers, chavs, fan girls and townies. I choose this audience because the genre of music I decided to base my magazine on fits the audience perfectly. The genre of music i choose is chart music which includes a lot of pop/dance music, this music appeals to many subcultures. I included big artist names like; Rihanna, Rita Ora, Katy Perry Etc. on the front cover of my magazine because these artists are the sort to sing my favored genre of music so my front cover appeals to my chosen audience.
I chose to price my magazine at £2.99 because the audience is teenagers they won't have loads of money to splash out on magazines, So £2.99 is a reasonable price considering the audience.
The majority of my audience will be into the same sort of fashions, depending on their subculture. Many of my audience including me fit into various subcultures not just the one, this was the main reason for designing my magazine the way that I have because I relate to the mainstream culture and genre of music. They would read magazines like billboard which is one of the few magazines that feature my chosen genre.
The audience my magazine is aimed at are most likely to listen to shows like; Official charts and top 40 etc, go to festivals like T4 on the beach and Glastonbury, go to the popular clubs in their town where the music is all upbeat and up to date where they can all dance and sing along together because everybody knows the type of music that's played there. The audience can also be involved in the magazine by sending photos in, participating in competitions and through social media in my magazines case Instagram.

Georgia Taylor the teenage girl I used for my model is a prime example of the audience I have aimed my magazine at which is why she was the perfect model for me. She listens the charts music on her Iphone and on the music channels on the TV, she fits in to the various subcultures as she can be a very girly girl but other days can wear a completely different outfit that's more chavy and chilled out. She's currently doing her a-levels so constantly has her headphones in listening to the music that cheers her up an blocks the world out. She would be likely to buy my magazine mainly because of the genre of music and the artist involved but also because of the type of articles featured in the magazine. Interviews with the artists and top festivals are likely to attract her. Georgia is addicted to her Iphone so her being able to interact with the magazine via instagram would make her want to buy the magazine. 

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  1. A good answer Emily. You only need to add something more on Georgia's character profile e.g. fashion, media habits, lifestyle.