Thursday, 20 March 2014

Evaluation Task 6; What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Adobe Photoshop; Before producing my product I had never used Photoshop I didn't have an experience with software, everything was new too me. But I now know how to edit photos; changing the brightness, deleting colour from parts of the photo and changing the size of the image without stretching the image. I have learnt how to add text in different fonts and colours.

Cannon Nikon D3200 SLR Camera; I used this camera to take my photos for my magazine, I haven't had alot of experience with digital cameras before as im used to using my iphone. I used 2 filter lights on my first shoot and 3 on the second,from research and experimenting during my shoots I have learnt how the lighting works so that i could get the best quality images with the highest resolution. I was extremely happy with how my photos turned out. I think that my first photo shoot with just the 2 filter lights worked out better than 3. Using the 3 made the photos look to bright and made my model look very pale with my choice of clothing which was black.

Blogger; When I created my magazine I had very little experience with blogger, the only experience I had was the previous work I had done in my media studies lesson. I have learnt how to do a blog post, how to attach images on the blog post and how to make my blog look appealing to the eye. I have made my blog using the same theme colour as my magazine to keep things consistent. Blogger allowed me to present all my work together visually so that my peers and teachers could look at it whenever they wish. This also allowed my teachers to mark my work and tell me improvements but also my peers could give me feedback.

The School Computer; I have alot of experience with the school computers due to my doing ICT at both GCSE and A-level. When using photoshop I had to learn to deal with my computer crashing most lessons and loosing the work I'd done that lesson. Also various computers that I used didn't have the font I used for my logo as they weren't updated so I decided to deal with my crashing computer so that I had a larger variety of fonts.

Scribd; I had never used this site before, it was extremely helpful when I wanted to post word documents and also powerpoints. I learnt how to use upload them to blogger which made my work look professional.

Paint; I already had experience with paint but didn't use it very often,I used it alot during the constructing on my product to post pictures on my blog because paint easily allowed me to crop things and save them as photo files so they were a compatible file for blogger to work with and a suitable size.

Flickr; I hadn't ever used flickr before but it was a very helpful sight because it allowed me to upload all my photos and access them from anywhere, so i could do parts of my work at home but also my model could see the photos i had taken of her. It also allowed me to show evidence of planning. 

Twitter; I used twitter to contact my teachers to arrange to book the studio to take my photos and also ask any questions if i was unsure about anything.

Without this technology it would have been very difficult to create my magazine, even without the simplistic things like paint. Different sites helped me produce my magazine but also my blog. 

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  1. Good answer on the whole. Add the name of the school computer and also don't forget your use of Twitter, Animoto, the internet to research etc Also Blogger was great for presenting your work visually and helpful for peers and teachers to assess your work and feedback.