Thursday, 20 March 2014

Evaluation Task 5; How did you attract/address your audience?

How did you attract/address your audience?
My front cover attracts my audience in a variety of ways; The genre of music I have based my magazine on will attract my audience because its pop/dance music which is what my mainstream audience listen to on the charts shows.The artists I have included on my cover are the artists that would interest my chosen audience especially the teenage girls as they look up to them as role models.
The model I have used would attract my chosen audience again because her being a role model but also from the boys point of view, its a good looking new artist so they would be attracted to the magazine through the male gaze, her red lipstick and cheeky wink encourages the boys in the audience to look at her that way. I have used a bright turquoise colour in my masthead reflect my chosen music genre because the music is happy upbeat music and this colour used is a happy bright colour so could connote that the music is also happy.

Again the bright colour is used throughout the contents page attracting my chosen audience.
The actual content of my contents page would attract my the audience I am targeting especially because of the interact section; my audience in particular are young so are interested in social media so being able to be interact with the magazine via instagram and also competing in competition i have done this to address my chosen audience.
The music articles that are featured in my magazine are things like; In tune charts, single of the month, album of the month etc. this will attract my chosen audience because its the genre of music that they're interested in which will encourage them to buy my magazine. All the models in my magazine are wearing very simplistic outfits, because of the my theme colours I didn't want the outfits to clash with the turquoise. The outfits included in my magazine may attract my audience because it relates to them. 

The article I included on my double page spread was an interview this would attract my chosen audience because they get an insight of the artist as the artist is answering the questions. The image I have used attracts the audience because its an interesting photo shes again looking cheeky like the front cover. Its may also make my audience want to read the article to see what the artist is like as a person. The language that I have used is informal because its a unstructured interview, the artist and the interviewer are both relaxed having a conversation. This informal language would attract my audience because it relates to them. My double page spread doesn't use any pull quotes because I couldn't find anything from the interview that sounded good as a quote, nothing stood out to me.

Overall I think that my magazine attracts my chosen audience. 

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  1. A good answer Emily. You could also discuss the language you have used (that would appeal to and be understood by your audience) and any topics for your magazine that your audience would relate to. Does your DPS include any pull quotes that would entice them to read more etc?