Friday, 17 January 2014

25 Word Pitch


  1. I think this a really interesting way to present your pitch. You haven't specified what gender you are aiming your magazine at, which is vital information with regards to the content and the photos you will use, and whether you will be using the gaze technique. I like how you have connected it to artists that you feel would fit your magazine, however even with a target market, you should specify which social groups in particular fit this market, rather than listing all of them.

  2. The gender i am aiming my magazine at is girls which is on the right hand said of my pitch, and the social group i am targeting is mainstream which is shown again on the top right of my pitch. The other social groups stated are groups that come under the definition of mainstream.

  3. I like the way you have used different colours for different aspects of the pitch. It is obvious that you have a clear view of your magazine and what it consists of. You have used words that make the viewers understand exactly what your magazine is about.

  4. Emily! This is a very interesting way to pitch your magazine. The use of having all your words in a single diagram helps enforce the clear indication of what you will be creating.
    I would be wiling to pay £2.00 for your magazine.
    The main reason for this is because your music genre is not something that I would be drawn to.
    To improve try to add some more vocabulary about what sort of magazine yours would be similar to order to allow the reader to see your market REALLY clearly :-)

  5. I like this presentation because you have chosen to present in a more artistic way rather than a traditional way which everybody else has done. This is effective because it stands out. I like how you have mentioned musical influences, this gives readers an idea of what your magazine will include.
    I would be willing to pay £2.00 for this magazine.
    To improve, you should include what you aim to have your magazine look like as your pitch is focusing more on your target audience and musical influences, which is positive to an extent.

  6. I like the unique way you have set out your presentation, it is very artistic and simple, and most audiences prefer to read something short, snappy and something that can engage their attention quickly. I would pay £2.00 for your magazine. To improve, maybe add a few photographs to go along with your chosen words.