Thursday, 16 January 2014

Analysis Of Existing Magazine Titles

The type of magazines i have been looking at all have very different titles, none of them actually relate to music apart from NME which stands for 'New Music Express' which is stated below the NME logo.

Since the magazine titles don't really match the music genre or the fact that its a music magazine i could also have a name for the magazine that is not related. I like NME magazines title because its short and snappy, but i also like esquire because its very different to other magazines as its sleek and sassy but not the approach i'm taking. 
I think that the spin magazine title connotes a different turn from other magazines. A different spin on things.


  1. I like the range of colours within your colour palettes and how in depth you explain your reasons for using the specific area of the image.

  2. These mastheads carry certain connotations - you should be aware of this when making your chosen title choice.