Friday, 17 January 2014

Audience Profile

Name; Lily Warner
About Lily; Lily is currently doing her A-levels; Media, ICT, Sociology and Business.
She has a part time job in a cafe, Lily enjoys going out with her friends most weekends. Shes addicted to her phone,shes a constant tweeter.
Likes and dislikes; Lily likes to go out with her friends weather its into town or to the local pub, she dislikes having to go to work after the night before with her friends. 
Music; Lily enjoys listening to chart music, she likes the bass of the songs. She tunes into Radio 1, Kiss and the Chart Shows. 
Clothing; Lily doesn't have a certain fashion style, one day she can be a complete chav in her joggers then the next she could be wearing jeans and a leather jacket with a nice blouse. It depends on her mood, when she goes out with her friends at the weekends she enjoys getting dressed up; fake tan, makeup, body-con dresses the lot.
Ambitions; Lily is currently doing her a-levels but is not sure what she wants to do as a career path which is why her a-levels are a variety of things she enjoys and has done well in, in her GCSE's. 
Media Consumption Habits; Lily could sit at home all day watching chick flicks and ron-coms being a typical teenager after going out the night before. She reads all the gossip magazines and knows all the details about the celebrities, which is also what she does on twitter! Getting all the juicy info. 
Idols; One of Lilys biggest idol is rita ora, because she's always wearing the latest fashions! And she has her own style. 


  1. Good research into audience on the whole Emily. Don't forget to include media consumption habits - see the profile grid on my blog.

  2. This is a good detailed post and I like the way that you have gone into detail about her and even about her media consumption habits, this helps you think about what to put into the magazine such as the article.