Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What I Could Copy From My Favourite Magazines.

One approach i could take is what i liked from the esquire cover with Angelina Jolie was the drape covering her was the same colour as the background, and the writing is in the same colour palette this makes her stand out from everything else. I could do this by using a tanned model in bright white clothing so that she stands out from the white backdrop.I also love the bright colours from the billboard magazines, so i could have bright coloured text to make them stand out.

Another approach i could take is going for the bright colour theme, wearing the fashionable, bright and quirky clothing to make the magazine look busy and packed full of articles and interesting music gossip which is what i think when i look at the Billboard covers.

The blender front covers text matches Katy Perry's outfit, which i could copy as it looks very co-ordinated and fresh because it all jumps out from the crystal white background. 

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